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A Shift Is Coming...

Updated: May 25, 2020

Evolution: the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. What a beautiful thing it is to expand, transform, and grow -- and it’s something I’ve been diving deep into the past few months.

And yes, it can be uncomfortable, and messy, and difficult. Whether it’s in a relationship, the people around you, a career, or anything else, change ultimately helps us get unstuck, connect to our authentic self, and find more direction in life.

So when changes arise (because they will), what if you allowed yourself to explore the natural evolution process? What if you dropped the guilt, the shame, or the anger and just accepted it as a natural part of life instead. What if you actually WELCOMED it?

I recently moved in with my boyfriend and as excited as I am for this new chapter, the experience has been bittersweet. One one hand, I’m starting a new chapter and building a life with someone I love and on the other hand I am leaving behind a life, community and routine I worked hard to build. So it’s okay to feel both excited and sad. 

If you’re going through any changes yourself, allow yourself to grieve who you once were while stepping into who you want to be. You can do both. You have full permission to change and evolve while honoring your past. Sit in the uncomfortable feelings and I promise you, you’ll be okay. Keep doing the work. Keep showing up. Keep evolving - 

A caterpillar did not become a butterfly without a metamorphosis.

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