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Are You Doing Enough?

Ok, so we are headed into week 3 of quarantine here in North America (depending on where you live it may be longer) and you may be hitting your stride OR you may be hitting a wall. Whether you are feeling the former or the later, know that whatever you are feeling is OK. 

This is something that as a society we have never experienced before andas previously discussed, this will likely bring up all the feels. 

So this is what has been coming up for me, so I thought I would share. 

The first few weeks, I felt like I had to DO IT ALL. People NEEDED ME. After all, this is a time for mindfulness. 

So I did an online workshop, offered free online meditations, offered free 30 minute coaching calls (it was so great connecting with all of you!), in tandem with doing a brand redesign (more on that soon), developing a new corporate wellness offering and virtually coaching all of my existing coaching clients. Oh and trying to fit in a daily workout and feeling guilty when I didn’t because you know #quarantinebod.

Sound familiar? Did you also try to do it all? DO MORE, ACHIEVE MORE, GET MORE?

I quickly saw my old patterning sneaking up. By the end of week two I was feeling burnt out and less connected to my intuition than ever before. Too much screen time, not enough nature and too much comparison to what other people were doing. I mean should I be doing MORE instagram lives? NO… 

True, this is an unprecedented time, which means for the first time ever, we have the opportunity and time to connect, I mean really connect. So whether you are braving this alone, with a partner, friends or family now is the time to connect to yourself and to others. Call that old friend you haven’t spoken to since college, clean out your closet, learn a new language or sit on your couch and do absolutely nothing for the day. 

This week I decided to slow down and see the beauty in how we are being united during this time. I ordered Scrabble, Connect 4 and Jenga and also may or may not also have a puzzle on the way ;) 

I am reminded to pause and reflect on what is truly important. I mean, when else can you do a plank challenge with your entire family on different parts of the globe? My 68 father is up to 5 minutes…

I understand that this is not the case for everyone and my heart and thoughts go out to those suffering with the pandemic right now or have lost loved ones. 

For those of you in a similar situation to mine, I would love to hear what is coming up for you (old stories) and how you are passing this time. 

With love,


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