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Birthday Reflections

I know we’ve all said this a dozen times, but this year has looked nothing like we expected. There has been a lot of uncertainty — but I think this has helped us all build the muscle of resilience. With today being my birthday, I want to pause to take note of the lessons I’ve learned over this past year. I think it’s so important to notice and honor the ways we’re growing and shifting — so that we can continue to transform. A lot has happened this year and I’m feeling so grateful for all the people, places, and experiences that have shaped my last trip around the sun!

Here are three lessons I’m taking with me into this next year of life:

1. People come and go — and that’s a good thing.

I’ve gained and lost relationships this year — that sort of change used to really gut me. I’d question myself and feel really shaken whenever I experienced any shifts in close relationships. This year, I’ve deepened my relationship to myself and realized that my identity doesn’t rely on my bond to any other person. I got clear on my worth, and let what wasn’t working flow out of my life without shaking my foundation or grasping at what was. This is still a work in progress but I understand that friendships ebb and flow and there is no need to attach to them if it does not feel right.

2. Things always work out as they should.

I entered into 2020 having goals and expectations just like anyone else — and every single one of them has had to be rethought and reframed to fit this new reality we’re experiencing. Everything from work to weddings, to travel plans and family gatherings had to transform into something else — and although different than what was originally envisioned, in a sense it was better. More intimate time with family, more thought out time with friends and more intentional time spent in general. There isn’t metamorphosis without a whole lot of discomfort and when you let go just enough, everything falls into place.

3. It truly does keep getting better

35 - I remember when I was younger and I thought of being this age and what that meant. I thought I would have it ALLL figured out - well guess what, I don’t but I don’t think you ever really do. I have more compassion for my parents, more understanding of my friends and more kindness to myself. I feel like I have the support of incredible people in my life and for that I am extremely grateful. Bring on the new year!

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