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Great Resources I Have Been Loving During This Time

As I have been sheltering in place for the past few weeks, I’ve made a concerted effort to keep some semblance of a normal routine.  Routines make us more efficient, give us a sense of structure and instill good habits. This helps with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm and can change this time from being one of hardship and challenge to being one of fullness and productivity.  My routine normally consists of movement, mindfulness, nature, growth and connection.  Although how I commit to my routine has changed, what I do for my routine hasn’t.  Here are some helpful resources I have been using that have helped me stay committed to practices and rituals that increase mental wellness. Hope you find them helpful too!  Workouts: I have been loving and am so grateful to all the amazing instructors who have been providing free workouts for us all during this time.  - For HIIT - I have been working out with @pumpfitnessmtl and @jonchaimberg  - For yoga - I have been able to access one of my favorite instructor (who currently lives in Australia) @duncanyoga as well as doing @modoyogala classes.  -For pilates - I have been using Melissa Wood Health for quick and easy workouts - I love the minimal use of equipment and the focus on creating long lean lines. Mindfulness - Deepak Chopra and Oprah are hosting a free 21 day meditation challenge specifically aimed at meditating during difficult times. Fun fact: this is what got me into meditation several years ago! -Yale is offering their Science of Wellbeing Course for free.  Wellness/Growth - My friend Amy, who is a wellness chef is hosting live cooking classes on IG. She hosts dress up themed cooking parties - what an amazing time to brush up on your cooking skills and have some fun while doing it.  - I’ve been listening to the podcast: How’s work by Esther Perel which is all about our relationships at work. - Book I’ve been reading: Untamed by Glennon Doyle - Zoom dance parties: OMG if you do one thing from this list - do this. Ryan Heffington, an La based choreographer is hosting daily hour long dance classes on IG Live. They aren’t complicated (think a simple grapevine or a twerk) but they are so incredible uplifting and FUN. Upwards of 6000 people are joining in daily - make sure to tune in on your own and with a group of friends!  Giving back - Knix Wear has partnered with the Robert Kerr Foundation to help support the need for PPE in Toronto homeless shelters, drop-in centres and agencies. Learn more here. - With all the time we’re spending at home, there’s no better time to adopt a pet. Check out your local animal adoption shelters in your area. I’ve heard great things about this one in LA. ​Hope these resources help!

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