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Same, Same But Different

As the world is starting to open up, and beginning to resemble a little bit of what “normal” life looked like, this is an opportunity to get really honest with yourself. An opportunity to reflect and make conscious decisions about how you want to live your life when things get back to full blast in the coming months. If you haven't already checked in with yourself, now is the time. Can you create some time and space to process and get clear on the good that you can take away from this global pandemic and the events that have unfolded in the last few months? Whether it’s resilience, personal relationships, your career, prioritizing your health, or anything else -- what are the areas you want to invest into even more this year? On the other hand, can you get clear on what habits, beliefs, or patterns you can shed to make room for your best self? This can be quitting that job that makes you unhappy, leaving that relationship that’s draining you, or leaving anything behind that doesn’t elevate you.

By taking the time to get clear on the direction you want to take, you can make a conscious decision to design your life in a way that feels inspired, connected, and aligned. This work is hard, it brings up emotions -- but I promise it will help. Whatever you’re working through right now, remember it won't be like this forever. Keep your head up -- things will get better.

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