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This Too Shall Pass

What a wild experience we’re all going through right now. With a little bit of extra time and space on our hands, it’s more important than ever for us to drop into stillness and allow for our true feelings to bubble to the surface.

So how can you make the most out of this time of social distancing? And how can you use it to level up in areas you’ve been putting off? Keep reading.

If you’re like any of my clients, chances are your day-to-day life is packed and there’s very little time left to observe your thoughts and feelings. But right now, most of us are not on our regular schedule and spending more time in our homes, which is essentially forcing us to deal with the stuff we so expertly push away in our daily lives. 

But what if instead of burying and avoiding these feelings you took the time to notice them? What if you got just a little more comfortable with those thoughts that are there in the background?

To start, simply observe, without any judgment, your behaviors, thought patterns and beliefs. Which ones are positive? Are there any you want to shift? This practice alone can be transformative.

Maybe you’re noticing feelings of loneliness, panic, or a belief that this situation will never end.  Allow all of your feelings to come up, without fighting them. And instead of simply ruminating on these thoughts and driving yourself crazy, grab a pen and paper and write them down.

The following journal prompts might help:

1.What am I afraid of?

2.What’s the worst-case scenario?

​3.What’s the best-case scenario?

Notice what answers come up. It’s likely that when it’s out of your mind, the answers won’t be so bad after all. And if you notice your thoughts are a little more pessimistic, know that you can always pick a new thought or look to the best-case scenario instead.

Continue to write down how you can use this time for growth. Is it taking on a new hobby? Launching your website? Trying a new course? Committing to your health and wellness goals? Pick one you’re most excited about and make it your focus.

And remember, be easy on yourself! These times are hard but I’m right here with you.

Xx Samara

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