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We Think It's Really Hard Too

We are all growing in one way or another. Sometimes it's voluntary and planned, like a promotion you work hard for, and other times life forces us the circumstances to grow as it has with our global pandemic. With everything that has happened in the world the last few months, chances are, life has handed you an opportunity to change and evolve. Whether it’s your business pivoting, reinventing yourself, or a relationship change, facing your growth edge head on is really challenging. It’s really hard.

So what can you do when you come to your growth edge? Self Care First off, be compassionate with yourself. Now is the time to double down on self-care. Get honest with yourself and take a few moments each day to check in and see what would be most supportive for you.

Make Time For Play

With all the change happening, making time for play. Schedule in time to just let go and have fun. This is absolutely crucial for your wellbeing and will make you more efficient when you do face your challenge. Talk it Out

Don’t keep your feelings buried inside. Talk to a coach, therapist, or trusted loved one to help you process your feelings about these changes. Give yourself the space to mourn the changes, while getting excited about the growth and evolution that is happening.

Where are you growing? What is your growth edge? I would love to know. Schedule in your 30-minute complimentary coaching session with me today.

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