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Why Is It So Hard to Ask For Help?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever asked for help when faced with experiences that are challenging, frightening, or overwhelming.

​Now raise your hand if you’ve ever felt shy or embarrassed in doing so.

I think most of us can connect to the above statement. Whether it’s asking for help at work from a colleague or friends, help with the kids, or a hand when you’re sick and just can’t power through—asking for help is HARD. Maybe you don’t want to look needy, or weak, or lose a sense of control. Whatever the reason is, asking for help just doesn’t come naturally to most of us.

But the truth is, reaching out for help is incredibly important. It gives you an opportunity to connect with community, to learn, and to finally move forward, rather than staying “stuck”. It is a sign of strength, not weakness. And the good news is, as humans we are altruistic by nature, meaning we want to help others - so asking is not a burden it is a gift. 

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, scared, or disconnected, especially right now—remember there is power in community. You don’t have to do this alone. Reach out to a friend, a loved one, or seek out a coach or therapist and give yourself permission to lean on others.

In the spirit of asking for help, I need yours!I’m working on an exciting offering that will be launching shortly and your feedback is incredibly important to me! Please take 2 minutes to fill out this quick survey, I am forever grateful!



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