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You're Not Lazy, You Need a Break

It’s hard to feel 100% all of the time. When we find ourselves overwhelmed by work commitments, family, and what feels like a mountain of stress, we are so much more likely to experience burnout and exhaustion. A recent Gallup study found that two-thirds of workers experience burnout -- shocking I know. Instead of waiting for the physical and emotional effects to take place (exhaustion, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, etc.) it’s more important than ever to learn to incorporate rest in your routine to maximize your effectiveness at work-- and outside of it. If we weren’t in a global pandemic, it’s likely that by this time of year you would have taken some time off to recharge your batteries. But given the heightened stress and anxiety of the current season we’re in, I can’t emphasize it enough: YOU ARE NOT LAZY IF YOU NEED A BREAK. Even if you can’t take a trip or vacation, there are ways you can prioritize your mental and physical health before it’s too late. Whether it’s a yin yoga class (great options on YouTube), going to bed earlier, sleeping in, immersing yourself in nature, doing a social media detox or booking a massage -- find ways you can increase your resilience to withstand the stress we are constantly bombarded with. Give yourself permission to reset and recharge. It’s the only way you can bring the best of yourself to everything you do.

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